The camping

The Arena camping is situated in the central part of Budapest, even in a green-belt, with detached houses. The camping’s area is intersected by the babbling brook of Rákos, providing a romantic atmosphere for this hotel. The spreading, leafy trees provide an opportunity to feel like you choose a shadowy, or a sunny spot, according to your wish.

You can reach the sights, attractions and lively nightlife of Budapest, from the Arena campsite.

The Camp is located near the coach station of the M2 (red line). (Square, of Örs Chieftain). This is the most ideal subway line to reach easily the Budapest’s sights. M2 (red line) will take you, among others, to the Cathedral, the Parliament, the Ferenc Deák Square and the Buda Castle as well. You do not have to wait for the underground almost any time, because the trains ride constantly and take you even in 10 minutes to the attraction you wish to take a visit at.

You can get quickly, and easily to theHungaroring race-field, from the Arena camping, suing the public transport (Formula 1), and one of the largest musical festival of Europe, the Island Festival.

You can have information, from the most proper, and most favorite priced tickets, and season tickets for the public transport here:

We provide each of the guests, arriving to the Arena Camping, with a complete information material of Budapest. We provide you a Budapest map, a Budapest guide, a brochure of the thermal baths, and we provide you with further, useful information as well.

We help you, in the framework of a personal advising, to complete the sightseeing program of Budapest. We show you on a map, what worthy is to see, and where the places of interests are situated.

At the reception, you have got a possibility to buy the tickets for the Hop on Hop off sightseeing buses, and ships, and the entrance tickets in the thermal baths. If you demand, we shall give you further information about it.

All, the infrastructure is given you, near the Camping, to feel homelike, and with all the comfort in Budapest, in the Arena Camping, too. In a few minutes of walk, there are available, among others: grocer’s shop, bakery, green-grocer’s shop, ATM, post office, pharmacy, hairdresser’s saloon, cosmetology, and restaurant.

In the framework of our actions, published in 2018 you will have the possibility, to use the service of late check-out, without any extra price. It means that you have the time, on the departure-day, to leave the camping till 15 O’clock. So, you have got the possibility, on the departure-day, to prepare in a comfort way, without any confusion, or to take a visit at that sight, in the morning, for that you did not have any time.

The Central European Conference Centre, the (CEU) is situated in the neighbors, in that’s restaurant the guests of the camping, can have a meal with a discount. A plentiful luncheon costs 4 Euro (1.200 HUF) per person, a dinner, or a supper with 3 courses, costs 5 Euro (1.500 HUF) per person. The guest can choose free: a soup, a main course, and a dessert, from several menus. The meals can be demanded at the local.

The plumbing of the camping was total renovated in the year of 2015. So, we are waiting for you, with an exacting, European standard plumbing. We are cleaning the plumbing constantly, so we hope that you will also be satisfied with its cleanliness.

The children in the Arena Camping can also use the playground, and the trampoline. For the pleasure of the children, and even the adults, a table-tennis table is also available.

There is a signed place in the camping for making a fire, where we can roast, cook, or cook in a stew pot, according to our wish. We provide you with all the necessary accessories, so the stew pot, the skewers, and also firewood

The Arena Camping is a dog-fancier camping. You will find, near the camping, an excellent place to satisfy the daily demand for moving of your favorite dog.

We say that it is important that the guests, arriving at the camping, will be satisfied, for this sake we do everything. Oar approach to it is guest-orientated, and helpful. If you have got any further question, turn to us, to the workers of the Camping with a trust. We shall be ready to help you.

The correct price assures you to be able to spend more on the experiences in Budapest.