Frequently Asked Questions

When must be paid, the charge of the accommodation? I don’t have Hungarian currency (HUF)

You can pay the charge of the accommodation at the departure, in cash.

Is it necessary to pay anything in advance, or to pay a deposit?

We neither require, at our accommodation, any advance, nor any deposit. For this reason, we wish to require from our dear Guests, to cancel their reservation, the latest 48 hours before the arrival, if they wouldn’t even arrive.

Can I pay with credit or debit card too?

No, unfortunately it isn’t possible to pay by card. We can accept just cash, HUF, or Euro. There are several ATMs, next to the camping, so you can take cash comfortable, and easily.

Is it necessary to reserve in advance or is there any available accommodation at any time?

We have got an available accommodation at the biggest part of the year But, if you would like to stay in the Arena Camping, in any main season (New Year’s Eve, Eastern, Formula 1, Island Festival), or in the mounth of August, than it is recommended you to reserve.

Do I have to pay any advance, or deposit at the reservation?

You can do the reservation very simply, and quickly using the webpage. There isn’t any further cost of the reservation, and we require neither any advance, nor any deposit. We confirm your reservation in 24 hours.

I would like to use a tent at you, and we shall arrive by a car. Is there any possibility, to park beside our tent?

The comfort of our guests is the most important for us, so you it is of course that you can park with your car beside your tent.

Is it a problem you, if we probably arrive at the night?

No, it isn’t any problem, because we are day and night in the camping. In case of an arrival at night please, ring the bell at the entrance gate. Followings, we open you the gate, and let you in the Camping.

Is the Camping open also in the winter season?

Yes, the Arena Camping is all the year opened, and we are waiting for our guests with a great love. The plumbing is heated, of course, in the cooler, autumn, and winter season.

Can I heat my caravan by electricity, in the winter season?

No, the heating of the caravan by electricity is not allowed! Thank you for your understanding.

I am fond of my doggie and I don’t travel anywhere without him. What does it mean that the Camping is pet friendly?

You will find super places, close to the camping, to satisfy the demand of your dog for a movement.

I wish to take my doggie for the sightseeing programmes in Budapest. Is he allowed to get on the means of the public transport with me?

Please be aware, that the dog can be taken to the means of public transport in Budapest only with a muzzle, or if it is a smaller dog he can be transported in hand. There must be an extra ticket bought for the dog.

We are travelling with children. What kind of free time activities can I engage their energies with, in the Camping?

There is a playground, a trampoline, and table-tennis table, for the joy of everybody, for the children.

Is there any possibility to cook in the Camping?

Yes, there is a fireplace in the camping, the guests can use it free.

Is there a possibility in the Camping, to cook with a stew-pot?

Yes, there is a separated place in the Arena Camping, designated for making a fire, where you can cook and roast in a stew-pot, as you wish. If you wish, we provide you with the stew-pot, the spits, the fire-wood, and the hatchet, free of charge.

It is important for me, to protect the values of the environment. Is the Camping environment-friendly?

The operation of the camping is more environment-conscious, year by year. We collect the vaste materials selective, we storage the used batteries separately, to reduce the volume of the bottles, we have got bottle shriveller device. We water the grassy area, the trees, the bushes, and the flowers.

Is it true, that the persons above the age of 65, can travel free of charge by the means of public transport, in Budapest?

Yes, if you are the citizen of the European Union’s (or the European Economical Community’s) any member state, than, from the day, when you fill in the age of 65, you can use all the means of public transport in Budapest, among its administrative boundaries (bus, underground, tram, trolley) free of charge. You can prove your identity, in the case of a control, with any official document.

How can I find my way around the four underground lines?

The underground lines are in Budapest, besides the numbering, also with colours (red, blue, green and yellow) indicated, to ease your finding the way. The Arena Camping is situated close to the coach station of the M2 (red underground) (Örs Chieftain square).

What ticket, or season ticket for the public transport do you advise me to buy that’s price is favourable, and that entitles us to travel without restrictions, in a period?

Please, take a visit at the next websites. Everybody can find here the ticket for the means of public transport that is the most ideal and favourable for him:,,

We have got little time to visit the sights, and the places of interest in. What is even that is absolutely worthy to see?

We are ready to help you, in the framework of a personal advising, so that you can form that sightseeing programme, for that you have got enough time.

I arrive with a bicycle. Is there a possibility, to storage safe my valuable bicycle?

Yes, your bicycle is safe in the Camping. To satisfy your calmness, we storage your bicycle in a closable place.
It is of course, that this service of ours is also free of charge.

Can I feel safe, as a tourist in Budapest?

Yes, Budapest is a safe big city. Of course, you must also be careful here, as in every big city, and we have to take a case of our values. For example, do not leave any value, visible in the car, take a care, especially in the means of the public transport, of your values, do not exchange money on the street, take the services just of a reliable taxi company. The fare of the taxi can’t cost more than 5000 HUF, to the Arena Camping, from any point of Budapest!

Is it worth buying a ticket for the Hop on Hop off sightseeing bus, and ship?

Yes, the ticket for the Hop on Hopp off sightseeing bus, and ship, assures a very comfortable, and elastic possibility for you, to visit the sights of Budapest. You can get off the sightseeing bus at every place of interest, than you can travel on with the same ticket with the next bus, to another interest sight. You can have interest historical, cultural and folklore information on your own national language, using the earphone, during the sightseeing tour.
The Hop on hop off busses travel every half an hour, in the main season. The ticket is valid on the day of the purchasing, and the following day.

But, what does it mean ruin-pub?

The ruin pub means more, than well-equipped place of having a good time. The people go in the ruin pubs, just as in the cafes, just to have a drink, but to discuss the circumstances of the world. The ruin pubs are characterised by eclectic equipment, and patinated decay. The visit of the ruin pubs has become a lifestyle for the young people. Neither you should miss it, it is worthy to visit, the one of the most good of export, of Hungary.